Welcome To PSTC

Population Services and Training Center (PSTC) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization and it works for the improvement of life status of poor and socially disadvanctaged people by undertaking various programs and projects. PSTC began its operations in 1978.


  • Health Services Delivery
  • Climate and Environmental Health
  • Child, Adolescent and Youth Development
  • Governance and Rights
  • Poverty Reduction and Livelihood
  • Training and Communication
  • Disaster Preparedness and Management Program

PSTC's Evolution

PSTC is the inheriting organization of Family Planning Services and Training Center (FPSTC) which was created in 1978 following a government order to act as bridge among the Government, Donors, and  local level NGOs working in the field of FP-MCH. 


Improved quality of life of disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.


PSTC aims to improve the health, social security and physical living condition of the poor and socially disadvantaged. It is a not-for-profit organization but is committed to long-term sustainability through multiplying its sources of funding and charging fees for services consistent with its social commitment.


PSTC values are guided by the principles of commitment to its Mission, Vision, target people and the community as a whole. It adheres to the systems, inculcates the culture of integrity, modesty and team spirit.

Contact Information

F. M. Mostaque
Executive Director
Population Services and Training Center (PSTC)
30, Shahid Sangbadik Selina parveen Sarok
(Old-103, New Circular Road), Dhaka-1217.
Phone: 02-8322459, 8322569
Fax: 02-8322568
E-mail: pstc78@gmail.com